“I Think We’re Going To Have To Make Some Structure Changes To Programs Such As Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.”
- Patrick Murphy 1/2/13


It is an important time in our nation's history, which is why Patrick Murphy chose to announce his Senate candidacy on the anniversary of ObamaCare being signed into law. As a proud supporter of the bill that cuts Medicare by over $700 Billion – Patrick thought it was important to highlight his history of supporting legislation that will devastate Florida seniors. Don’t worry – he made sure to allow Members of Congress to receive taxpayer-funded health care for life!

Patrick is running for the Senate to pad his short resume with more Washington political experience. He once told Politico that his spot on the Financial Service Committee has REALLY helped him raise tons of DC cash. Patrick even supported the stimulus package which cost more than $787 billion of tax payer dollars on projects like the $36 million contract that went to his family’s company. It was a “WIN-WIN” situation for the Murphy family!

“[Murphy] told POLITICO That A Spot On The [Financial Services] Committee Has Helped Him Network And Meet Potential Donors In The Industry.”
- M.J. Lee, POLITICO, 7/21/13


Fight Terrorism?

Murphy Voted To Prohibit Funding To Fight ISIS Terrorists. In June 2014, Murphy Voted To Bar The Use Of Funds For Combat Operations In Iraq. “Lee, D-Calif., amendment that would bar the use of funds in the bill for any combat operations in Iraq.” (H.R. 4870, CQ Vote #325: Rejected in Committee of the Whole 165-250: R 23-206; D 142-44, 6/19/14, Murphy Voted Yea)

Health Care?

Murphy Voted To Keep ObamaCare The Law Of The Land BUT Also Voted To Allow Members Of Congress To Receive Taxpayer-Funded Health Care For Life! (H.R. 45, Roll Call #154, Passed 229-195: R 227-0, D 2-195, Murphy Voted No, 5/16/13)

Supporting Family?

Patrick Murphy Supported The Stimulus. Murphy’s Family’s Company, Coastal Construction Group, Was A General Contractor For A Construction Project That Was Largely Funded By A $36 Million Stimulus Loan. (Sean Kinney, “School district struggles after officials' crimes, financial scandal,” Florida Keys Keynoter, Dec. 24, 2010; Sean Kinney, “Contractor stonewalls school district on construction audit,” Florida Keys Keynoter, Jan. 11, 2014)

Campaign Finance Reform?

Murphy promised to be a serious advocate for campaign finance reform, but his congressional campaign benefitted from $550,000 in super PAC spending paid for by his father.(Melissa Holsman, “What’s Next For Congressman-Elect Patrick Murphy,” TCPalm, Nov. 25, 2012; “GOP Slams Murphy For Thanking PACs,” Palm Beach Post, Feb. 4, 2013)